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This college football player can solve a Rubik’s cube behind his back

Rice lineman Calvin Anderson can solve a Rubik’s cube with his photographic memory. 

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Calvin Anderson is the starter at left tackle for Rice and a preseason All-Conference player. He can also pull off one of the coolest tricks of any college football player. 

Anderson has a thing for Rubik’s cubes. According to a local news segment from last year, he keeps 17 of them in his dorm room and solves one 20–40 times before each game to help clear his mind. His record is 13 or 14 seconds, but that’s not even the most impressive thing. 

Thanks to Anderson’s photographic memory, he can solve the cube behind his back. Former NFL kicker and current CBS Sports analyst Jay Feely saw for himself. 

This guy won a race against Usain Bolt (with a Rubik’s cube)

This obviously goes without saying, but Anderson is a pretty smart guy. He told the Houston Chronicle last year that he’d be focusing entirely on getting an MBA if he wasn’t playing football. 

He could be the next John Urschel, but he still has a few more years of school left before he can jump to the NFL.