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Joey Votto pranked Ichiro with 51 pregame pizzas

Ichiro pranked Joey Votto with a box of donuts, and Votto decided to go big with his retaliation

In addition to being very, very good at hitting baseballs, Ichiro is well known for his love of clubhouse joking and this week he showed that love extends to his opponents when a delivery of donuts arrived for Reds star Joey Votto right as the Marlins got into town.

Votto has some pranks up his sleeve as well, and having heard that the Japanese star enjoy a few slices from California Pizza Kitchen before a game, the first baseman had 51 pizzas sent from the nearest location, all the way in Louisville, sent to Ichiro’s locker before the game, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The former NL MVP reportedly spent $640 on the pizza and another $200 on the delivery via Uber, and he told the Enquirer he doesn’t know what became of the pizzas, so why don’t we all just pretend Ichiro sat down and at every last slice before hitting the field that night.