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Confirmed: P.K. Subban is better at hockey than baseball

It did not go so well. 

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Watching athletes who aren't baseball players take batting practice is truly a joy. Former Lions receiver Calvin Johnson, for instance, crushed a home run at Comerica Park when he took batting practice ahead of a Tigers game last season. 

Montreal Canadiens star P.K. Subban’s batting practice did not go so well. 

Subban, a Toronto native, stopped by the Rogers Centre on Saturday to take batting practice before the Blue Jays’ home game against the Red Sox. He came prepared, wearing a No. 76 “Subbanator” Blue Jays jersey. 

Unfortunately, Subban on the baseball diamond looked like Jose Bautista might on ice. (Disclaimer: I have no idea whether Jose Bautista is a good ice skater.) According to the Toronto Star's Brendan Kennedy, Subban was unable to generate any power, only mustering “limp grounders” when he actually managed to make contact with the ball. 

Bautista, who caught Friday night’s Raptors–Cavaliers game with Subban, does seem to be rubbing off on the 2012–13 Norris Trophy winner. 

Jose Bautista, P.K. Subban discuss Raptors tickets on Twitter

Stick to sports on ice, man. 

- Stanley Kay