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Watch: This Matt Patricia doppelganger forgot to match his hat

This Patriots fan looks just like defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. 

A fan at Sunday’s Patriots-Rams game, clearly inspired by Tim Rohan’s piece this week in The MMQB, decided to dress up like New England defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. He came this close to nailing it. 

He’s got the beard. He’s got the red hoodie. He’s got the hat—on backwards—but it’s the wrong color. Even still, Fox announcer Kevin Burkhardt could hardly keep himself together when the cameras spotted Bizarro Patricia. 

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After the play, they cut back to Bizarro Patricia. Be warned, the camera work may leave you wondering who the real Patricia is. 

He should go to the team store at halftime and get the red hat. He could even cut the line if he told people he needed to get back to the sideline.