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Patriots fan admits he faked story about losing tooth on Tom Brady scavenger hunt

He bought makeup at CVS and fooled Tom Brady into thinking he got his tooth knocked out.

Hey, look, it’s another story about the Patriots and deception. 

Back in December, someone working on behalf of UGGs pitchman Tom Brady left three pairs of autographed slippers hidden around Boston. A fan named Luke Barosky then posted on Brady’s Facebook page that he took a header while running after one of the pairs and lost a tooth. 

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After the post went viral, Brady’s people sent Luke a pair of the autographed slippers. There’s just one problem: he faked the whole thing. The blood and missing tooth were just the result of a trip to buy costume makeup at the drug store. 

“In all honesty,” Barosky told the Boston Globe, “I never meant any ill will, and I thought it was pretty obvious it was all a joke.”

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When the slippers took several weeks to arrive, Barosky even thought Brady had wised up to the scam.

“I thought maybe [Brady] even duped me or got the better of me, because he knew it was a fake photo,” Barosky told the Globe.

Perhaps in an attempt to clear his conscience, Barosky has decided to donate one of the slippers to a local youth sports league, which will auction it off at its annual fundraiser next month.