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Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez does aerial into a ceremonial first pitch

Laurie Hernandez couldn't just throw out the first pitch. She also did an aerial.

Laurie Hernandez, who was part of the “Final Five” U.S. Olympic gymnastics team that won gold this summer in Rio, was invited to Citi Field Saturday night to throw out the first pitch. For Hernandez, though, throwing the baseball wasn’t going to be good enough.

No, Hernandez did an aerial, lifting into the air completely, and then rolled that into a first pitch.

She made it look far too easy, and chatted casually with SNY’s Steve Gelbs afterward.

That wasn’t all Olympic gymnasts did on Saturday—Madison Kocian did this at the Rangers game:

If it were any of us normal folk out there trying to pull that off, we’d require several hours of medical attention.

– Kenny Ducey