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Mike Gundy says cell phones are making college athletes worse

Mike Gundy offered a blazing hot take on the state of college athletics.

It’s been nine years since Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy told everyone how old he was but he was nice enough to remind us all on Monday. 

Gundy turned a question from a reporter about parity in college football into a blazing hot take on Kids These Days. 

“Focus and preparation is different now then it ever has been,” Gundy said. “And the players that we coach come in and they’re not like guys that we coached 10 years ago, and 15 years ago and 20 years ago. Because your generation spends all their time looking at their phone. My generation spent all our time out in the front yard playing games. And so they were more ready to go into college athletics. They understood all the dynamics of it compared to young people nowadays. They don't spend as much time around football, they spend more time playing some game on a phone. Because of all that, and the training that takes place, there’s more parity in college football.”

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And it’s not football, Gundy went on to say. He’s talked to baseball and basketball coaches about this and they’ve reached the same conclusion. So it has to be true. 

Or maybe the prospect of using sports to secure a scholarship in an age of ballooning higher education costs has lead more young people to maximize their athletic potential and increased the quality of play across the board. I don’t know. 

But Mike, you didn’t have to go to such lengths just to explain last month’s loss to Central Michigan. We all know the refs botched that one