Watch: Idiot hockey fan climbs onto the ice, immediately slips and falls

A very dumb hockey fan ran all around the ice in a Canadian junior game. 
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Look, I get it. We’re all excited for the start of hockey season, but not as excited as this Canadian man. 

During an OHL game in Missassauga on Wednesday night between the home Steelheads and the Guelph Storm, some guy thought it would be smart to climb over the glass onto the ice. 

He made a hell of a recovery after that initial fall. Here’s that mad dash across the neutral zone again so you can watch it on a loop. 

It’s a junior league, so naturally the kids on the bench were loving it. 

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And here he is getting sent off by the ref for interference. 

Man, Auston Matthews’s four-goal NHL debut really made hockey fans in the GTA lose their minds.