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Ranking the best and worst NFL emoji hashtags

Which NFL teams got the best and worst hashtags for their Twitter emojis. 

The NFL announced Wednesday that each team will have its own Twitter hashtag emojis. If fans use the designated hashtag, a little image of their team’s logo shows up. That’s fine, I guess. 

Plenty of leagues have done this already, even Australia’s National Rugby League. The trick is to give each team a unique and creative hashtag to accompany the emoji, otherwise it’s just kind of lame. 

Here is the full list: 

All right, some of those are good, but some are pretty brutal. Let’s break down the best and worst.

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The Best

5. Steelers

Not enough pro teams have fight songs these days, so I can appreciate Pittsburgh’s reference to the classic “Here We Go” song. 

4. Rams

I was unfamiliar with the Mob Squad nickname for the Rams’ defensive line but I kind of love it. 

3. Bengals

Whether Cincinnati’s “Who Dey” predates the Saints’ “Who Dat” is a controversial subject. It’s still one of the classic chants in sports.

2. Falcons

This is another iconic slogan. They couldn’t have done any better. 

1. Packers

The “Go Pack Go” chant is probably the best part about watching any game from Lambeau.

The Worst

5. Jaguars

This is supposed to be the year we start taking the Jags seriously. A more creative hashtag would have been a nice start. 

4. Seahawks

I get that it’s supposed to read as though the team is actually 11 players, but it still sounds like they’re saying they’re children. 

3. Patriots

A lot of #TCOT types will be very confused when Flying Elvis shows up next to their tweets about how disrespectful Colin Kaepernick is. 

2. Buccaneers

The “Siege the Day” slogan, which debuted before last season, drew the ire of Tampa-area English teachers for its incorrect grammar. 

1. Saints

I understand that it’s the Saints’ 50th anniversary, but it’s still a bummer they didn’t go with #WhoDat.