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Seventh grader Ben Goodell may have disproved deflategate

Did a seventh grader named ‘Goodell’ just disprove deflategate?

Did a seventh grader named ‘Goodell’ just disprove deflategate?

Young Ben Goodell from St. Pius V Elementary School in Lynn, Mass. rode a football PSI project to a second-straight win in the school’s annual science fair on Feb. 26. He exposed a properly-inflated football to various weather conditions, and may have exposed the NFL’s potential negligence in the process.

From the Lynn Item:

Goodell, who took first place in last year’s fair, began his experiment with a properly-inflated football. He then exposed the ball to different weather conditions, including humidity, snow, wind chill, and cold and ice.

“Every time, it dropped 2 PSI,” he said. “The lowest PSI recorded during deflategate was 2 PSI under proper inflation. I had (the football) at proper inflation when I started.”

“I wanted to prove that Tom Brady wasn’t guilty,” Goodell added.

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In case you were wondering, there is no relation whatsoever between Ben Goodell and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, which this makes the situation that much more funny. Of all the people to give the Patriots a hand in proving their innocence, it was a Goodell.

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– Kenny Ducey