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Interactive graphic: Who should you root for in the NFL playoffs?

This chart explains who you should root for in this year's NFL playoffs. 

Some NFL teams are successful, some aren’t. But the one thing they all have in common is that their fans are annoying. For neutral fans looking for a team to pull for in this year’s playoffs, these are both important factors to consider. That’s why we’ve used something approximating science to create the chart below. The further up the graph a team falls, the more spoiled its fans are; the further to the right, the more annoying its fans. 

It’s a perfect way to pick a team to pull for in this year’s Super Bowl run. If you don’t mind being labeled an obnoxious frontrunner, pick a team in the upper-right. If you’d rather pull for an underdog, hone in on the lower-left. 

(Hover over each photo to reveal the reason behind its placement.)

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Graphic by Lindsay Applebaum