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Dikembe Mutombo was totally right about the 76ers' draft pick

Dikembe Mutombo “guessed” correctly about the 76ers picking No. 1 overall.

Hours before Tuesday’s NBA draft lottery, ex-Philadelphia 76ers center Dikembe Mutombo tweeted a congratulations to the 76ers for winning the pick.

It was probably just a harmless mistake, right? Nothing to see here except someone getting a little overexcited.

Well, it’s not that simple. The NBA draft lottery has been a breeding ground for conspiracies for years, and for those who think the lottery is rigged, they now have more evidence, as the 76ers DID win the No. 1 overall pick during Tuesday’s draft lottery.

Here’s Mutombo’s original tweet.


He deleted the tweet, and followed up with an apology.

Mutombo is going to have to save his apologies for impending investigation. Because there’s no way the NBA just lets this slide, right?'

UPDATE: Mutombo has an explanation for the tweet, telling For The Win he received an email asking him to send out a congratulatory tweet in case the 76ers won. Mutombo says he didn’t read the email carefully, which led to the early tweet.

On one hand, the lottery was definitely rigged. On the other, this is a solid explanation, because people ignore emails all the time.