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Marine pretends to be an umpire, surprises his son at baseball game

A United States Marine surprised his son by pretending to be the umpire at his baseball game. 

Master Sgt. Randy Brock is home.

Brock, who has served six tours of duty for the United States Marines—including three combat tours—returned to his family earlier this month. And Brock returned in style, surprising his kids at his son’s baseball game. With help from his wife and the Menifee Pony Baseball and Softball League, Brock was behind the plate at his son’s game, acting as the home plate umpire.

When Brock’s son came to bat during the scrimmage, he took off his mask to reveal himself, immediately receiving a big hug from his son, and then his daughter, who ran onto the field from the stands.

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Brock has been a U.S. Marine for 21 years.

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