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Last season’s thrilling Michigan State-Michigan ending recreated with Legos

Michigan-Michigan State is just as thrilling when rendered in yellow plastic.

Last season’s rivalry game between Michigan State and Michigan featured one of the most thrilling (or devastating if you are wearing maize and blue) endings of any sporting event in 2015.

The game has already been memorialized in taxidermy form with Chipmunks filling in for the players, and now it is getting the Lego treatment from a very dedicated fan.

While Jalen Watts-Jackson’s heroics are slightly less impressive when rendered into yellow plastic, the clip certainly does a good job of reminding us how nice it will be to have college football back in our lives in a few weeks.

Also, as a fun challenge try to find the Lego avatar of Spartans basketball legend and current Warriors star Draymond Green in the crowd in the clip.