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Michael Phelps: Joe Flacco is an elite quarterback

That’ll settle it. Joe Flacco is elite.

Michael Phelps made an earth shattering proclamation during a Facebook live over on the Sports Illustrated page Monday, calling Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco an elite quarterback.

“Is Flacco elite? I have to give Joe love, I’m a huge Ravens guy,” Phelps said in response to the question.

Barstool Sports’ PFT Commenter has sparked a humorous nationwide debate over whether or not the signalcaller should be considered elite for winning a Super Bowl. He made it to the Republican debates in 2015 and drew a response from the Ravens.

And, just last September, Donald Trump was asked the question and called Flacco “very elite.”

Phelps gave his quarterback some props around the 11:20 minute mark below.

Phelps answered that query, but totally dodged this one about Harambe.

Makes you think.

– Kenny Ducey