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Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard would like fans to stop doing the wave

What do Yoda and Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard have in common? They both hate the wave.

What do Yoda and Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard have in common? They both hate the wave.

Just four days after the Star Wars character spoke out against the wave (sort of), Syndergaard expressed his disappointment in fans who started the wave at Citi Field during a win over the Marlins on Tuesday.

“Very happy we won...but I want the name and address of the person who started ‘Wave’ tonight,” he wrote in a tweet, adding the hashtags "#banthewave" and "#resisttheurge."

This is certainly a promising development in the anti-wave movement, considering players usually shy away from discussing it. But it’s got to be incredibly strange to be pitching in a tight game and just hear a bunch of random yelling in the background, right?

I’ve never understood the wave, particularly in close games. If you’ve paid to be at a ballgame, and it’s entertaining, why are you going to randomly stand up and put your hands in the air?

Anyway, good on Syndergaard. Can’t wait for others to speak out against the wave.