Little kid tries drying Messi's tears through the TV

Lionel Messi cried after Argentina’s loss in the Copa America final. A little kid tried doing something about it.
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After Argentina’s loss to Chile in the Copa America final on Sunday, Lionel Messi cried.

What made the soccer star so emotional? Well, he’s never won a major title with his country, and it didn’t help that Messi totally botched his attempt during penalty kicks, skying his shot over the crossbar.

In the wake of Messi’s tears, one Twitter user would have you believe his child did something really cute:

Here’s the thing: This is totally a setup. First, is anyone going to tell this child how television works? Sure, this is cute now, but what happens if that kid ever watches the T-Rex scene from Jurassic Park?

Also, this kid was clearly put up to this stunt by her parent. Who keeps a table stocked with not one, but three tissue dispensers, and this one conveniently placed right in front of the television? At least put a little effort into the operation.

Messi’s tears deserved better.

UPDATE: This whole thing is dumb.


Also not buying this.

– Rohan Nadkarni