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The entire city of Cleveland is getting free ice cream thanks to LeBron James

LeBron James lands free ice cream for city of Cleveland.

When you're the King, ask and you shall receive. 

Talking to local media about the huge sports night in Cleveland on Tuesday that will include the Cavaliers getting their championship rings and the Indians play in the World Series, LeBron James said only one thing could make the night better: ice cream. 

"It's going to be great. From the fans' perspective, is there any better way? I don't know, maybe having an ice cream truck outside both arenas at the same time as well? Icing on the cake," James said.

Blue Bunny was listening, and announced on Twitter that it will be sending a truck full of ice cream to Cleveland and it will all be given away for free. 

Now Cleveland fans can thank James for a championship and free ice cream. 

– Andrew Vailliencourt