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Kobe Bryant hangs out with Derrick Rose’s son before game

Kobe Bryant spent some time with P.J. Rose, son of Derrick Rose, before the Lakers took on the Bulls on Sunday

Kobe Byrant visited Chicago for the final time in his NBA career on Sunday night, and there to greet him was a packed United Center, his old friend and teammate Pau Gasol and Derrick Rose’s adorable son P.J.

P.J. first burst into the national spotlight with some hilarious faces in a postgame conference during last season’s playoffs, which his father immortalized in T-shirt form this season, and know he is hanging out with the Black Mamba.

• Frank Kaminsky challenged Kristaps Porzingis to a dance-off

The Bulls bested Los Angeles 126–115 with Bryant scoring 22 points and Rose putting in 24.

– Brendan Maloy