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Watch: D’Angelo Russell got left hanging so he had to high-five himself

Last week D’Angelo Russell shook his own hand, now he’s high-fiving himself. 

D’Angelo Russell is a pretty good young point guard, but perhaps his greatest skill is being able to avoid socially awkward situations. 

During an NBA TV interview last week, Rick Fox ignored Russell’s outstretched hand, so Russell had to salvage the situation by shaking it himself. 

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That could have been pretty painful, if not for Russell’s smooth recovery. 

Sure enough, Russell found himself in the same situation on Sunday after an assist to Julius Randle. 

It’s only his second season in the NBA, but Russell is already showing veteran awareness. 

And let’s not read too much into the fact that Nick Young was one of the teammates snubbing Russell. They’ve put that Snapchat controversy behind them