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Watch Kristaps Porzingis’s elderly family members sing a song they wrote about him

This is not a drill.

We’ve seen our share of weird Kristaps Porzingis songs over the last two years, but this might be the oddest one.

It’s also charming and familial, however: Kristaps won Sportsman of the Year in Latvia, and so his grandma and aunts accepted the award on his behalf, and then they did something I personally have never seen before: they sang an original song that they wrote about him.

It’s somewhat operatic, actually.

These are the words.

What we would like to wish our Porzingis tonight, tonight

Wish you good health and all of the work gets easily done

All those jealous sights should stay away from you

All the glory and fame for Kristaps while living in America

God give Kristaps opportunity to stay at such a high level for a long, long time

How do you say “Hamilton” in Latvian?