Kobe Bryant was almost late to his last game because he was...editing?

Kobe Bryant wants to be an editor, a highly questionable path indeed.
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In an appearance at a Wall Street Journal event on Tuesday, Kobe Bryant revealed that he was almost late to the last game of his career — yes, the one where he scored 60 points — because he was...editing short stories.

We know Kobe’s eager to launch into entrepreneur life, with seemingly a dozen or so pet projects and ventures he’s invested in. But editing?

Look, Kobe, take it from me. The world of print and internet is dangerous. It’s thankless. It requires late nights and early mornings, there’s high pressure, you have to manage personalities, and you’re generally replaceable most of the time. If that sounds kind of like the NBA, it’s actually kind of true, except here, we don’t score points, we game for clicks and traffic. And that‘s a metric where hard work doesn’t always correlate to results. Just saying. 

I digress. Scare tactics. Journalism is booming!

I’m really just deathly afraid of Kobe being my boss one day.