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Kevin Harlan treated his call of a doofus on the field like it was the Super Bowl

Kevin Harlan provided the best ever commentary of a fan on the field. 

Kevin Harlan calls NFL games every Sunday on CBS and Mondays on the radio. He does the NBA for TNT and the NCAA tournament on CBS. And yet, he’s never been as excited during a game as he was when some goon ran on the field during Monday’s 49ers-Rams game. 

Some guy with his phone number written on his chest sprinted out on the field during the fourth quarter and Harlan approached it as if the guy was running for a game-winning touchdown. 

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“The guy is drunk, but there he goes!”

LeBron James, who was the subject of one of Harlan’s other classic calls, called this Harlan’s best ever. 

Thanks, Kevin, for giving us one redeeming moment from what was other wise a horrible, horrible game.