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Ten-year-old Kansas City girl sets record with 2,110 sit-ups

Ten-year-old Kyleigh Bass of Kansas City, Mo. set a national Project Fit America record with 2,110 sit-ups.

Ten-year-old Kyleigh Bass of Kansas City, Mo., set a national Project Fit America record with 2,110 sit-ups on Monday. Yes, 2,110 crunches.

The feat took Bass one and a half hours, but nearly ended around 700 sit-ups in when she grew sick. Luckily her mother, who was holding her feet down, was right there to help her through the rough patch.

“It’s a mind thing. If you think about it, you can do it and you’ll make it,” Kyleigh told FOX 4 News.

This wasn’t televised, even though I’m sure it would have drawn a large audience, but there’s footage anyway.

Like every great sporting achievement, there’s an unsung hero in this story. While 2,110 sit-ups seems impossible, so does holding someone’s feet down for 90 minutes. Think about that, 90 minutes, and inspirational words! Kyleigh’s mother, Michelle, deserves some credit as well.

My abs hurt.

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