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Watch: Triathlete stops to help his struggling brother, lets him finish first

When Jonny Browlee started to wobble, his brother Alistair stopped to help him across the finish line. 

Brothers aren’t always insanely competitive. 

Jonny and Alistair Browlee are two of the greatest triathletes in the world, with four Olympic medals between them. Alistair has won the last two Olympic triathlons, while Jonny took home silver this year and bronze on home soil in 2012. 

At a race in Mexico on Sunday, Jonny had the lead with just 700 meters to go, with Alistair just behind him. But the heat became too much for Jonny and he started to wilt, barely able to stay on his feet.

So Alistair paused to help younger brother Jonny, letting South Africa’a Henri Schoeman pass them for the lead. The two ran down the homestretch together, with Alistair pushing Jonny across the finish line for second place. 


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Had Jonny won the race, he would have been the world series champion

Jonny was taken to the hospital after the race but tweeted later that he was feeling fine. 

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“If it happened to anyone, I would have helped him across the line,” Alistair said after the race. “It’s an official position to be in. If he had conked out [one kilometer] from the finish line and there isn’t a medical support there, it’s a dangerous position to be in.”