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Jon Niese probably regrets giving his apartment to Neil Walker now

Jon Niese was traded to the Mets, and needs a new apartment because he gave his to Neil Walker.

Major League Baseball's trade deadline passed on Monday, which meant dozens of players had to relocate to new cities on short notice. Normally, players have a difficult time finding a new place to stay, but that's not the case with Jonathon Niese.

The Pirates traded Niese to the Mets, sending him back to New York where spent the first eight years of his career. He knows his way around the city. In fact, he had a nice place on the Upper East Side of Manhattan! Say, what ever happened to that place? Ah, that's right, his teammate lives there now.

Niese was sent to Pittsburgh over the off-season in exchange for second baseman Neil Walker, and the lefthander was kind enough to pass off his lease to Walker.

From a story by The Wall Street Journal's Andrew Beaton back in April:

[Neil Walker] also traveled to New York City to find an apartment. The city isn’t totally foreign to him because, besides coming several times as a member of the Pirates, his sister played college basketball at Wagner College on Staten Island. The apartment hunting itself was quite easy—he actually took over Niese’s lease on an apartment on Manhattan’s east side.

Everything was going swimmingly, until the Mets decided to re-acquire Niese. Now, Jon’s got nowhere to go, and is probably regretting being such a stand-up guy.

Maybe he can stay on Neil's couch, or the two can buy bunk beds.