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Andrew Luck wants to buy robot ping-pong returner with new contract

With his contract extension, Colts QB Andrew Luck wants to buy a ping-pong robot.
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In addition to his book club, it appears Andrew Luck may want to launch a ping-pong group in the future.

The Colts quarterback apparently has difficulty finding folks to play with, because he told The Ringer’s Kevin Clark last week that he eventually wants to shell out some of the money for a ping-pong robot to play against him.

“That’s a good question,” Luck said when asked what he would buy with the money from his future contract extension. “Maybe, like, a robot ping-pong thing that can hit balls back at you. My buddy has one and he swears by it.”

Now, Luck hasn’t been extended by the Colts yet, but the deal is expected to come this off-season. When it does, Luck may be playing a lot more ping-pong.

– Kenny Ducey