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WATCH: Harlem Globetrotters break nine Guinness world records in one day

The Globetrotters are back at it.
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The Harlem Globetrotters set out to make some history in San Antonio this week, and they did, many times, in fact.

The legendary traveling exhibition squad broke nine basketball records, two of which they already owned. It’s pretty cool.

Here are some of them.

The longest hook shot ever: 

The longest blindfolded hook shot ever:

Longest shot ever made while sitting down on the court:

Most three pointers in one minute with a single ball:

Longest shot ever made while blindfolded (lol):

Farthest shot made under one leg (?):

And...most bounced-in three pointers made in one minute.

Not pictured: most slam dunks in one minute (16), most three pointers by a pair in one minute (22).

I wonder if the Warriors could do this. How about most blown 3–1 leads in one minute?