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Globetrotters get some help from a 107-year-old woman

The Harlem Globetrotters helped Virginia McLaurin celebrate her 107th birthday a few weeks after she met President Obama.

Living to see 107 years is a very long time. If you live for that long you are going to get to do a lot of interesting things, just ask Virginia McLaurin, who in the past month has had a dance party with President Obama and the First Lady, and hung out with the Harlem Globetrotters.

McLaurin told reporters she is a longtime fan of the barnstorming basketball team and had tried to emulate a few of their tricks in the past, so the Globetrotters showed up and helped her spin the ball on her fingertips.

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The centenarian also received her own No. 107 jersey from the team as she celebrated her birthday with family at Washington, D.C.’s Roots Public Charter School, where she still volunteers 40 hours a week, according to Time.