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This 4-year-old will make you feel bad about your golf game

This kid's strokes are impressive. 

Does golf bring you nothing but frustration and anger?

Be prepared to feel even worse. 

If you already feel bad about your swing, you might not want to watch a four-year-old repeatedly strike the ball with the technically sound stroke you've always dreamed about. But we think you should, because this kid is a stud.

Bradley Pollak, a 4-year-old resident of Washington, D.C., has been golfing since he was 2. He's never taken a lesson. But based on his strokes, you'd never know it. 


Look at that follow–through! The slow-mo at 0:12 is our personal favorite.

"He loves sand traps," his grandmother, Sharon Kaplan, told SI. "Getting in and out of them are his favorite." 

We doubt many other golfers would share this view on sand traps. 

Quick advice to Bradley: Work on your celebratory fist–pump. Celebrating by waving around your putter (see 0:45) probably isn't a good idea when it weighs almost as much as you.