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Odell Beckham’s best dance of the night was the one you didn’t see on TV

You saw Odell Beckham’s Thriller dance after a touchdown, but check out what he did before the game. 
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Odell Beckham was in a very good mood on Monday night, and he felt like dancing. 

If you watched Monday night’s win over the Bengals you saw Beckham break out a pretty sweet rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance. But that wasn’t even his best dance of the night. 

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Some Zapruder-like footage was uploaded to Twitter, showing Beckham and teammates Roger Lewis and Sterling Shepard in a pre-game dance off. Beckham apparently needed to break in his dancing shoes. 

Beckham was shocked that the video made its way online.

He’s got nothing to be embarrassed about, though. Those moves are almost as slick as his spin on Adam Jones.