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Yasiel Puig gave his cleats with Vin Scully’s face to the man himself

When Vin Scully saw his face on Yasiel Puig’s shoes, he knew he had to have them. 

Back in July, Yasiel Puig wore a pair of slick custom cleats as a tribute to beloved Dodgers announcer Vin Scully and Vin knew he had to have them. On Wednesday, he got his wish. 

Puig only wore the shoes once, because MLB threatened to fine him over the orange stripe on the side. But after Scully saw them, he reached out to Puig and said he wanted them as a souvenir.

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Puig came through and delivered the shoes to Scully before Wednesday’s game against the Giants. 

Vin Scully made the Dodgers-Giants brawl sound almost serene

Puig’s other gift to Scully that night was a trio of impressive plays for him to call—a leaping catch, an ridiculous throw and a towering home run