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The evolution of catcher David Ross over the years

A look at David Ross over the years...

David Ross is retiring after one more season as the backup catcher for the Chicago Cubs.

As a result, teammates Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant have set up an Instagram account chronicling Ross’ final season. On Thursday, the team bought the 14-year veteran a mobility scooter and robot caddy to help him carry his bats around Spring Training.

Behind all the jokes and gray hair, there was once a seventh round draft pick out of the University of Florida who started his career in Los Angeles. Here is a look back at the many looks of David Ross over the years.

2002 – Los Angeles Dodgers: .200, one home run, two RBIs (8 games)

2003 – Dodgers: .258, 10 home runs, 18 RBIs (40 games)


Look at this fresh young man, ready to take on the world. I bet he will remain young forever!

2004 – Dodgers: .170, five home runs, 15 RBIs (70 games)


2005 – Pittsburgh Pirates, San Diego Padres: .240 batting average, 3 home runs, 15 RBIs (51 games)


Two teams in one year is going to age a man, even if you only appear in 51 games.

2006 – Cincinnati Reds: .255 batting average, 21 home runs, 52 RBIs (90 games)


2007 – Reds: .203 batting average, 17 home runs, 39 RBIs (112 games)


2008 – Reds, Boston Red Sox: .225 batting average, three home runs, 13 RBIs (60 games)


2009 – Atlanta Braves: .273 batting average, seven home runs, 20 RBIs (54 games)


From our exhaustive study, 2009 seems to be the year Ross officially transitioned into the journeyman veteran role. Look at the stubble. That stubble lets you know this guy has seen a few things in his time in the league.

2010 – Braves: .289 batting average, two home runs, 28 RBIs (59 games)


2011 – Braves: .263 batting average, six home runs, 23 RBIs (52 games)


2012 – Braves: .256 batting average, nine home runs, 23 RBIs (62 games)


Here is a photograph of Ross waving goodbye to his youth, he is an old baseball player now, and it turns out the role suits him very well.

2013 – Red Sox: .216 batting average, four home runs, 10 RBIs (36 games)


2014 – Red Sox: .184 batting average, seven home runs, 15 RBIs (50 games)


2015 – Chicago Cubs: .176 batting average, one home run, nine RBIs


Upon joining the youthful Cubs roster, Ross is given a chance to share his hard-earned baseball wisdom while fondly remembering his days as a young person.

2016 – Chicago Cubs: TBD


Projected: A billion home runs