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Daniel Radcliffe wants to pick Todd Gurley first in his fantasy draft

Noted football fan Daniel Radcliffe knows you don’t take a quarterback in the first round. 

It still amazes me that one of the world’s most famous Englishmen is a massive NFL fan. 

As Daniel Radcliffe was signing autographs for fans recently, TMZ decided to pepper him with questions about his fantasy football team, like “Do you take Tom Brady in the first round?”

“Come on, you don’t take quarterbacks in the first round!” Radcliffe shot back. So yeah, he knows his stuff. 

If he’s not taking a quarterback, who does he want in the first round? Todd Gurley.

Gurley seems like a pretty good choice, especially with Le’Veon Bell facing a suspension. But I’m more interested in knowing who’s in Radcliffe’s keeper league.