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Well, the Cubs and Pirates apparently tied a baseball game 1–1

There’s no tying in baseball. Right?

Eat your hearts out, Ivan Nova fantasy owners: the Cubs and Pirates tied a baseball game on Thursday night due to torrential downpours in Pittsburgh.

The game is apparently the first tie game since the Astros and Reds played to a 2–2 draw in seven innings in 2005. Tonight, they got through five (and one third).

IT WILL NOT BE MADE UP! And the players’ stats apparently count.

The Pirates are letting fans exchange their tickets and go to a game next season instead. That’s nice.

But wait, what?

Well, the Cubs have already clinched, and the Pirates are out, so this really doesn’t mean anything, but if you had acid flashbacks to the legendary 2002 All-Star Game, you are not alone. Bud Selig is drowning his sorrows as we speak.

Then again, for what it’s worth, the 1908 World Series champion Cubs tied four times that season.

...just saying.