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Have you ever seen a team so excited it’s going to lose?

This French soccer team is definitely going to lose its next game, and the players are thrilled. 

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National cup competitions in European soccer are one of my favorite things in sports because they give regular Joes a chance to play against the biggest stars in the game. When the smallest amateur clubs get thrown into a tournament with the richest professional teams, sometimes coaches have to tell their players not to take selfies with their opponents

So when the amateurs from sixth-tier French club Jeanne D’Arc Biarritz found out Monday that they’d be facing Stade Rennais, currently fourth in the country’s top league, they were thrilled.

Not only do they get to go up against one of the best teams in the country, the game will be at home in Biarritz. They’re almost definitely going to lose, but they couldn’t be happier. 

“For us it's a little Christmas before Christmas,” club president Salva Andre said