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Bearded Cleveland weatherman won't shave until the Browns win

A now-scruffy Cleveland weatherman vowed in September not to shave until the Browns won a game.

Hockey players and fans have been known to grow out "playoff beards" while their team makes a postseason run.

Cleveland weatherman Scott Sabol is sort of doing that, except his facial hair happens to coincide with his team's disheartening futility.

Back in September, Sabol vowed to refrain from shaving until the Cleveland Browns won a game. As we all know, the Browns are 0-12, and Sabol is looking pretty grizzly.

It's admirable that Sabol has kept his promise to this point. Unfortunately for him, there is a legitimate chance the Browns go 0-16 this season. 

At this rate, Sabol is starting to channel noted lumberjack beard grower (and potential future Browns quarterback) Ryan Fitzpatrick.

-Ryan Fish