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Dan Gilbert wants LeBron James to run for president

Dan Gilbert would like to see LeBron James throw his hat in the presidential election.

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Dan Gilbert, Cavaliers owner and fart-machine enthusiast, has thought of another way he can use LeBron James for his own personal gain.

Gilbert, who famously described James as selfish, narcissistic and cowardly (until the day LeBron came back to save his basketball team), would now like to see James run for president in the wake of his Finals win.

“I said, ‘You know the Republican convention is tearing up the arena, you should insert yourself in now,’” Gilbert told James, reports “Maybe they want another candidate now. He actually paused for a second. He looked up and I said, ‘Hold on, the Constitution says you have to be 35 to run for president.’”

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LeBron, in addition to having a pretty lucrative day job, has been supportive of Democratic candidates in recent elections, so he probably won’t be making any plays for the Republican ticket soon, even if the party’s voters seem to favor, uh, inexperience.

If LeBron ever does run for president, maybe he can do something about predatory lenders.