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CFL player pulls off elaborate hoax on rival fans, radio station

Hamilton Tiger-Cats lineman Peter Dyakowski pulled off an elaborate ruse on fans.

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Hamilton Tiger-Cats lineman Peter Dyakowski pulled off an elaborate ruse that eventually pulled in fans of opposing teams and a sports radio talk show host before the football player, who was named Canada’s smartest person in 2012, unveiled the joke.

The whole story is very confusing and is laid out in full detail over on Yahoo Canada’s website, but basically Dyakowski tweeted out that a scientific study had named TiCats fans as the best in the CFL. When fans of the rival Saskatchewan RoughRiders caught wind, they insisted that they were actually the finest fans in the north, falling right into the former LSU lineman’s trap.

The “study” caused such a ruckus on Canadian sports Twitter that a radio host asked if Dyakowski could put him in touch with the author of the report so he could speak to him on the show, so the Hamilton lineman agreed to have Prof. John Miller call in, except John Miller is really just Dyakowski.

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To add another hilarious twist to the joke, “John Miller” is also the false name allegedly given by Donald Trump when he posed as his own PR man in a phone call in 1991.

Dyakowski eventually revealed himself on Twitter, exposing that, of course, there is no scientific way to decide that some fans are better than others.

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