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Bulls’ Doug McDermott knows Dwyane Wade is taking his number

Doug McDermott knows that he is not going to get to wear No. 3 for the Bulls next year.

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Dwyane Wade will be joining the Bulls next season and likely be bringing his career long No. 3 with him, which could create a small problem as that number is currently worn by Doug McDermott.

Many players often negotiate payments or charitable donations when a new arrival wants to take their number from them, but it seems McDermott recognizes that Wade has earned the right to wear the number and will not be looking for any compensation from his new teammate.

While it is certainly admirable of McDermott to be so willing to give up the number he wore all through college and his NBA career, he might want to try and get some restitution, considering Wade will reportedly be pulling in $48 million over the next two years.