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The 25 best sports Vines

Vine is dead. Watch the best sports Vines here. 

Twitter announced Thursday that Vine will be sent to the great cloud storage space in the sky, which is too bad.

The looping six-second video format revolutionized the way fans consumed sports, from highlights, to interviews, to Russell Westbrook’s facial expressions. While we’re sad to see it go, let’s focus on the good times and take a look at the best sports Vines of all time. 

LeBron James

Pete Rose out of nowhere

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​Surprise, it’s Lance Stephenson

​Whose mans is this? 


Turn the shower off!

​Oh, my bad!


Way to go, Paul!

​Put him on a poster

The simple things are hardest


Thierry Henry can’t believe his ears

​Hockey player knocks himself out

Manchester City wins the Premier League

Scooby Wright’s reaction to getting drafted

J.R. has moves

Breaking ankles

You like that!


What was that, Mike?

​Did everyone do a good job?


Let’s go Knicks

Careful, little man

​That’s gotta hurt

​Good prank, Manu

​That’s a flop


OK, I know we said 25 but there are too many great ones. Have some more. 

Who are you? 

Big, if true


He made that? 


Jameis’s fumble, explained

Harden’s side-eye

Get down with your bad self

Classic Riley


A little aggressive

Nice handles...?

​The bat-flip heard ’round the world

The good news is that Twitter says Vines will be staying online, even though the app is going away.