Obama trolls Canadian prime minister over Stanley Cup drought

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau teased one another about hockey.
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President Barack Obama welcomed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday in a meeting of the world’s second- and fourth-largest countries by land mass, and while the relationship between the neighboring nations is warm there was still some ribbing between the heads of state.

The President admitted that the countries may never agree who is better at hockey, pointing out that the Stanley Cup is currently in his home town of Chicago.

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The Canadian politician had a retort lined up though, pointing out that while Chicago has the Cup, many of its players are from above the 49th parallel.

Trudeau is the first Canadian Prime Minister to make an official state visit to America in 20 years, probably because no Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup in 22 years and they did not want to get roasted about it at a press conference.