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Australian gold medal swimmer freaked out when he saw Kevin Durant

100m freestyle gold medalist Kyle Chalmers may be the worlds biggest Kevin Durant fan.

Kyle Chalmers has the guts to take on the fastest swimmers on Earth and win, as evidenced by the gold medal for the 100m freestyle currently hanging around his neck, but there is one thing that makes him too nervous to function: the sight of Kevin Durant.

The Australian Olympian watches Durant’s emotional 2014 MVP acceptance speech before each race, and he recently told the Sydney Morning Herald that a close brush with the newest member of the Warriors almost put him in a bad spot before the event’s semifinals.

"Last night I was walking over to my semi-finals and Kevin Durant walked in front of me," Chalmers gushed. 

"To be honest with you I almost vomited. My jaw dropped. I was that excited and nervous.

"It was just amazing for me."

In fact, Chalmers is such a big fan that his coaches grabbed the NBA star and had him film a short video of encouragement for his 100m final, but opted not to show it to the swimmer until the next morning as the gold medalist says “they knew I wouldn't be able to focus if I saw it tonight before my race.”

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