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8-year-old fan writes letter to cheer up Cam Newton

An 8-year-old fan has sent Cam Newton a letter and a paper trophy in an effort to cheer up the Panthers quarterback.

Cam Newton had a great 2015 season, but he did not enjoy his first trip to the Super Bowl very much, with the Panthers losing and people questioning his effort and complaining about the length of his press conference after the game.

Newton seems to be in a situation where he could use some cheering up, and an 8-year-old named Stephen Graham is up to the challenge, which is why he wrote the NFL MVP a letter and a makeshift trophy to brighten his day.

“Dear Cam Newton, I’m sorry you lost, but here is a paper trofy.”

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No word on if Newton has received the letter yet, but when it does arrive, the contents will surely bring back the quarterback’s signature smile.

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