Watch: Great white shark breaks into cage with diver

This shark looked very angry.
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Great white sharks have about 50 exposed teeth at any given time (with up to 250 more stored inside their jaws as backups), giving me about 300 reasons I have no desire to ever be in the water with one.

A braver cage diver than I would be got a good look at all those teeth in Mexico when a huge great white shark broke into his cage while he remained inside. 

Somehow, magically, he emerged from the cage unharmed, which the videographer attributed to sharks becoming temporarily blind when they lunge to bite something. Weird, but good for the diver.

Despite his up-close-and-personal encounter with this giant, angry looking shark, the videographer's shark fascination did not falter. 

"I want to return next year for another great white shark adventure!" he wrote in the description of the video.

Better you than me, pal.

[h/t ABC News]

– Erin Flynn