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Washington State Coach Mike Leach Warns People About Dangers of Storming Area 51

Mike Leach has a lot of thoughts on aliens and why people should stay away from Area 51 on Sept. 20.

If you are one of the people who got way too excited about the since-deleted Facebook event "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us" and have been ignoring the warnings of the folks from Nevada and government officials, would you please just listen to Washington State football coach Mike Leach?

If there was anybody in the sport that would be down for such a wild mission to potentially uncover some secrets about the universe some speculate the United States government is hiding at this military base, it would be the lead man for the Cougars.

The same man who really hopes Big Foot is real (although he does doubt his existence because we haven't found Big Foot bones yet, to his knowledge) and thinks it's more ridiculous to assume there is life on Earth and nowhere else than that aliens do exist.

But even Leach knows the somewhat-joke-somewhat-super-serious-plot to get access to Area 51 is the wrong way to go about things.

When speaking with reporters Monday, Leach shared what he thought goes on at Area 51 and also gave his insight on whether or not he thinks it would be a smart idea to try and get unauthorized access to the base by trying to break into a government facility.

"I think that they test things there," Leach says about what goes on at Area 51 (in the video at the top of this page). "I think stuff that the military and the government is developing, I would imagine they test it there. Work with the prototypes and things like that there. If they have found space men, or any Roswell stuff, that'd probably be where they would store it, if there is such things. But I think it's pretty much a test site where they test and develop everything from aircraft to bombs to some type of technology because there's got to be a place to do that. I suspect that if they didn't cryptically call it Area 51 and it didn't have the eager, cold, no-one-allowed quality that it has, it probably wouldn't be quite as exciting as it is. And of course, you throw aliens on top of that and the curiosity goes wild."

And when it came to actually storming the base Leach said, "No, I don't think that would be a good idea because then they just might test out the stuff they’re testing on you to ensure that you don't get in there. Our government lately has shown some resistance to enforcing laws around this country to the detriment of its citizens. I suspect those wouldn't be laws that they chose not to enforce."

Leach added that if there is proof of aliens on Earth Area 51 "would be a pretty good starting place to look." Additionally, he said that instead of committing to this ridiculous plot of trying to break into a government facility, these people should just host another Burning Man.

"Well they oughta have Burning Man instead, just an extra Burning Man or a concert or something," Leach said about the idea of a large number of people getting together for the raid. "Because sitting there trying to go through barbed-wire fence while there's a bunch of aircraft over the top of you or whatever, I mean, I don't think that'd be quite as much fun as some of the alternatives that you could have. But what are we to assume: 10,000 people are going to go start digging through warehouses? And I do think there is an end-of-days quality if we allow that type of thing to happen anyway, so."

Leach spent that last minute of the press conference talking about what he finds intriguing about Burning Man.

He said he'd like to go, but it takes place during the season.