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Jackson State Mascot Earns Personal Foul Penalty After Beautiful Touchdown Catch

Warren Newman stretched out all the way to make a gorgeous grab. And then his team's mascot earned an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Jackson State can't blame its mascot for Sunday's result.

However, the Tigers can get mad at Wavee Dave for costing them 15 yards when they were in control of the contest.

In a matchup against Bethune-Cookman, Jackson State was able to snag a 15–7 lead in the third quarter before letting the game slip away. And the touchdown play that pushed the score to 15 will be remembered for a long time.

Not only did it involve an amazing leaping catch from junior wide receiver Warren Newman, but it was also the play the mascot got flagged for an unsportsmanlike conduct.

Not only did Wavee Dave jump onto the field when he had no business being there, he also made sure to keep the celebration going for the touchdown when he returned to the sideline because he is about his business and not even flags can stop him from doing his job.

The Wildcats ran away from the Tigers by scoring 29 unanswered points to close the game, but Jackson State clearly won the contest because all people will remember is Tigers' mascot coming onto the field after a highlight play.

Some wins don't count in the record books but they will be remembered on the internet.