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The 10 transfers who will make the most noise this fall

From deposed starting quarterbacks to graduates preparing for one last campaign in a new key role, these transfers will have important parts to play in the 2017 season.

It’s often difficult to predict which freshmen will become difference-makers in their first year as college players. There’s redshirting to consider, and roster depth, and the question of how well a player’s talent will translate from the high school game. As far as college football newcomers go, transfers are much easier to analyze, and it’s not nearly as hard to extrapolate what their numbers might look like on new teams.

These newcomers have played before at high levels, and for some reason or another, they’ve decided they need a fresh start. Usually, they fit an immediate need, and sometimes they’ve even been afforded a year of practice before appearing in a game for their new team. Keeping all that in mind, this week we’re looking at the 10 non-Juco transfers who will make the most noise in 2017.