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Sister Jean Divides Basketball Twitter With Final Four Press Conference

Sister Jean went from the most lovable person at the Final Four to one of the most polarizing people, according to Basketball Twitter.

Remember back when Sister Jean was just the cute 98-year-old Loyola-Chicago team chaplain?

Two weeks was such a long time ago on the internet.

Thanks to the Ramblers' run to the Final Four and the immediate appeal of Sister Jean, she has transformed into a full-fledged college basketball celebrity. From concerns over her bracket to shots of her during games to post-game interviews to bobbleheads to t-shirts to a fake Twitter account to questions about if people even know who she is, Sister Jean is on the verge of taking over the entire 2018 NCAA tournament.

So it only made sense that she had her own press conference at the Final Four in San Antonio.

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There were a decent amount of heartwarming moments from the press conference.

But while Sister Jean has become the most popular member of the Ramblers, Friday's press conference also put into question if the players have been cast aside for her.

Although, they may not seem to mind.

But the apex of the entire media session was Sister Jean's hot take that God would like NCAA more than the NBA because the players aren't paid.

So naturally, in came the jokes.

Let's see how many people will be Michigan fans for the sake of the NBA. Loyola-Chicago and the Wolverines face off at 6:09 p.m. ET Saturday.