Top 10 Sports Game Athletes of All-Time

Success in sports depends on practice, teamwork, and execution. But when it comes to winning in video game sports, you can throw all of that out the window. The key to domination is grabbing the best player in the game and riding him until your friends give up and put down the controller. In honor of those game-changing athletes, compiled a list of the top ten most dominant video game athletes of all time. Each day this week, we'll profile two digital athletes. Check back every day up to Friday, when we unveil the number one all-time video game athlete.

What McSqueeb lacked in style, he made up for with tricks galore.
What McSqueeb lacked in style, he made up for with tricks galore.
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#10 McSqueeb - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (PlayStation)

This was an honor you had to earn. After beating the entire game as Tony Hawk, you unlocked McSqueeb, the final secret character. Who is the mysterious McSqueeb? Why none other than Tony Hawk himself, but this time, he's skating around decked out in the coolest 1980s fashion and accessories. McSqueeb made up for his bad fashion sense with boosted stats that helped you catch more air and pull off sicker stunts. And since he was '80s Tony, he even dusted off his older tricks and pulled off classic moves.

Don't try this at home, kids. At least, not unless a video game's involved.

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Shaq, back when he was still the Big Diesel.
Shaq, back when he was still the Big Diesel.
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#9 Shaquille O'Neal - NBA 2K2 (PS2)

People forget how scary Shaq really was when he entered the NBA. His combination of size, brute strength, and athleticism was unmatched. If you need a reminder, just check out NBA 2K2.

In the game, Shaq can chase down Allen Iverson on a fastbreak! Combine that with his ability to turn and dunk at will in the paint, and you have a video game character that even Kobe would be impressed with. Well, maybe.


Shaq was a one-man-demolition-team back when he was still rocking purple-and-gold.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see who took the #8 and #7 spots on our list of the Best Sports Video Game Athletes of All-Time!


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